Seven Proved And Easy Ways To Have A Baby Fast

by Lowell Kelley

Whether or not you are planning for your first or your last kid, you'll still find the following tips on becoming pregnant intensely useful, especially if you want to conceive as soon as achievable.

First and foremost, go to your doctor for a preconception check-up. Nothing tops advice from a pro. Your doctor can also give you prenatal vitamins. Those, which contain folic acid, are particularly important, in the sense that they can stop your future baby from having certain defects.

Second, give up taking all kinds of contraception. Particularly if you have been in the tablet for a while, you may find that you're not going to be actually fruitful until after a month or so.

Third, keep yourself healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and getting physically active. This may be one of the more often-ignored tips on becoming pregnant, but getting your weight under control is actually critical. Recent studies indicate that girls who are of standard weight have a tendency to conceive earlier.

Fourth, give up smoking and drinking. Both first and secondhand smoke affect you and your partner's fertility. Additionally, regardless of whether you still end up conceiving, smoking can make you have a miscarriage, an early birth or other birth defects. On the other hand, alcohol, however tiny, ought to be treated as poison to the body. Of course, you should also quit doing drugs.

Fifth, lower your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases the danger of having a stillborn baby.

Sixth, begin to know your ovulation cycle. Be aware of the days when the egg has been released, so you can try for a baby at the most ideal dates.

Ultimately, encourage your better half to wear fighters instead of pants. Analysis shows that sperm count is lower when the testes are overheated. Thus, it's a smart move to wear more relaxed and breathable underwear like cotton boxers.

Seeing that dreadful negative sign repeatedly again can be adequate disappointment to make you want to quit. Don't give up as many have succeeded!

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Pregnancy: Alternative Options Over Vasectomy Reversal

by Seomul Evans

There are instances that men would feel, even once in their life the longing of having a child. Several reasons may affect your decision for having a child such as a new partner, recent divorce, loss of someone dear, or plainly experiencing an intense longing to have a child again. Although vasectomy is a permanent contraception, a reversal process could help you restore your fertility again.

Reversal vasectomy has an impressive success rate but there were about 40% of couples who failed in their vasoepididymostomy procedure and about 14% failed in their vasovasostomy procedure. This would mean that taking the reversal vasectomy process is never a guarantee to achieve your desire to have a child but you have a higher probability using this procedure than other fertility options to meet your goals for natural conception. The statistics could be discouraging but at least you have other fertility options to consider before submitting to the reversal vasectomy procedure.

Below are some fertility options that you can carefully consider before submitting to the vasectomy reversal procedure:

Sperm Banking

Sperm banking is the easiest way to conceive a child in the future. You can look for this kind of service and inquire about their fees. You can store your sperm and then use it later when you decide to have a child with your partner. This service involves payment of annual fees, which is approximately $250. However, there is an additional fee of about $500 only in the first year. You can retrieve your sperm for the In Vitro Fertilization later when no fertilization procedures work for you.

In Vitro Fertilization

This is the most common alternative over the reversal vasectomy. The most common name for this procedure is the IVF. Most doctors call this as the microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. This procedure is affordable when completed by stages over the vasectomy reversal procedure. However, the success rate for this procedure is rather low and lies only as second best to the reversal of vasectomy option. This procedure is conducted in a series of steps known as the IVF stages. You will undergo normal ultra sound tests, laparoscope, and injections in this IVF process. You still need to undergo one cycle of the procedure after the test. The estimated cost would be about $8,000 for this one cycle procedure.

This procedure is quite painful and intrusive. Failure in any of the stages would mean that you couldn't proceed to the next step following the failed stage. If you were fortunate enough to conceive on the first stage, you would be able to spend only about $10,000. However, the clinic would not give any guarantee for conception. This means that if you were unfortunate enough to have a miscarriage, you need to pay again for the whole procedure. This means starting again from step 1 and paying separately for the whole process.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination

The sperm of the donor will fertilize the egg of your partner. Obviously, you will not be the child's biological father. Artificial insemination will be performed at the uterus during your partner's ovulation period. The success rate for the therapeutic donor insemination is as low as 25%.

Intracytomplasmic Sperm Injection

This is called as the ICSI fertility method. This advanced IVF method will fertilize the embryo first before placing into the uterus. This means that the sperm will be injected into your partner's egg for fertilization first before the actual embryo implantation.

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Seomul Evans is a Internet Marketing Company consultant for Vasectomy Reversal and a contributor for a leading health blog.

An Overview Of Female Infertility

by Erin Blackwell

There isn't just one overall kind of female infertility - there are many common causes. The majority of them can be fixed thanks to medical technology and knowledge. A viable pregnancy is what many women can experience when the problem is diagnosed and corrected. Knowing the most common infertility causes can be helpful.

One of the most common causes of infertility in women is fibroids. Although usually found in the uterus, these benign tumors can grow in other places. They can grow outside the uterus, underneath the uterine wall or at the cervix. It depends on where they're located and how big they are, but these fibroids can also delay or prevent pregnancy.

If the fibroids become large enough and are located inside the uterus, then extremely heavy monthly periods can be the cause. As a result of uterine fibroids, one woman began to hemorrhage and had to have an emergency hysterectomy in order for the bleeding to stop.

Anemia, which can be caused by fibroids, can also cause infertility. If you have heavy monthly cycles, get checked for fibroids and have the doctor check your iron count as well.

The uterus extends and make you appear anywhere from the size of a few weeks to a few months pregnancy because the fibroids can grow so large. Pharmaceutical to surgical treatments are the choices for fibroids but it would depend on how severe the problem is.

Infertility can also be caused by endometriosis. This is a condition where instead of growing in the uterus lining, the tissue grows in areas it shouldn't. Scarring can be the result if endometriosis is severe enough. Hormone therapy or surgery are the treatments if scarring needs to be removed.

Infertility can also be the result if you have diabetes. According to some studies, overweight diabetic women have infertility problems as a direct result of being overweight but to others, they claim that it's due to overall health risks that's associated with too much weight gain. But with poor control over blood sugar levels, then there's a greater risk of miscarriage.

Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (also known as PCOS) can also cause infertility. Noticeable facial or body hair and irregular monthly periods are two of the widely known symptoms of PCOS.

To diagnose this, there should be ultrasound done or blood work drawn and the blood tested for too much androgen. The hormone that makes a man look like a man is called androgen.

For example, growth of coarse facial hair and hair growth on the back are part of the androgen hormone associated with men. Type II diabetes, weight gain, and insulin resistance are what this condition can lead to and that's why it's important to catch it early and get treatment.

Too much caffeine, medication, and thyroid malfunction can also cause female infertility. You need to get a check up in order to determine if these causes caused infertility.

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